What does Paint Correction entail?

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Paint Correction:  Its meaning and reasons why it is needed

If you hear the term “paint correction,” do you think of paint polishing or painting?  We are here to clear up the meaning of the term, Paint Correction.

Paint correction is the mechanical leveling of clear coat or paint (clear coat is unpigmented paint, clear) to a point where all the paint is free of swirl marks and light scratches.  Swirl marks are essentially a “V” cut/slice in the paint where light bounces around in the valley of the scratch and exits.  This is how you see the swirl marks. If the paint was flat, with no valley, you wouldn’t have anywhere for the light to bounce around...that is where paint correction shines the best.  

As the polishing steps are carried out, there are various degrees of aggressiveness which are used for different levels of desired end results.  For example, not everyone needs or should have “perfect paint,” some are simply ok with much better, not perfect.  Not everyone looks at their paint with a flashlight.  This can be a straightforward and simple process, or a very labor intensive process where experience and knowledge are of the utmost importance depending on the car owner’s expectations.  We take the time to figure out the proper steps and use the correct products to achieve the desired results in a timely fashion.  We don't cut corners by “filling” in defects by using oils and glazes to make it “look” like things were done, only to find out after two washes all the oils are removed and your paint looks the same as before.

We have designed our packages in the paint correction category based on the last 14 years of experience in this field.  Our gloss enhancement is designed for those looking for more gloss with a bit of swirl mark removal.  The clarity package is designed for those looking for a good amount of correction (removal of swirls and light scratches) and a lot more gloss. This is our most popular package.  Then there comes the reset package.  This includes a heavy compound step, a medium polish step, and fine final polish step.  The reset is for those looking to really turn their car’s paint around and get back to square one with about 90% to 95% correction.

How long should Paint Correction take?

This is a varying answer and there are many reasons why it can range from 5 hours for a simple one step, or 30 hours for a much more involved multi-step process.  We have over 90 combinations of products, pads, and machines to get the job done right the first time.  We will perform a couple test spots in order to make sure we get the results we are after before going around the whole car only to find out we missed the mark.  Proper Paint Correction is not a fast or simple procedure to do correctly, we understand that and have implemented a process to deliver results every time.  When you step up to our flat out package, we begin with wet sanding the paint and then carry out a full reset package.  This is the best your car will ever look as it will have the flattest paint and the more mirror like shine

Protecting the paint after a Paint Correction

We have a few options here, some better than others, which include sealant wax, Ceramic Coating, coating toppers. Each its place of where it would be used.  We can discuss your car care process in order to ensure your investment is properly maintained. For the best protection, we highly recommended a Paint Coating.  Find more info here on the coatings page. We also have a coating topper spray good for up to 6 months, or a paint sealant good for up to 3 months. Choice is yours, but we will discuss all your options with you.

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