Ceramic coatings

For best paint protection,use Ceramic coatings.

Modesta® Coatings combine the highest levels of durability with the industry’s best protective capabilities to ensure your car’s paint remains flawless. Coatings last from three to ten years. Envious Detailing is proud to be the exclusive installer of Modesta® in all of Orange County. Work with Envious Detailing and ensure your car is getting the highest quality – from start to finish.

What is a Ceramic Coating / Glass Coating? +

A ceramic coating is a semi-permanent layer of protection that adds additional thickness to the paint in order to prohibit the environmental elements from damaging the paint.

How long does a coating last? +

Coatings generally last from 2 years to 3 years for the entry level ones. The higher end, more professional level ones are anywhere from 5 to 10 years. This is however, based on proper care and simple maintenance.  We can discuss proper care if necessary after work is completed.

What are the benefits of a coating?

Glossy effect, added thickness, sacrificial protection. It is long term protection in which you no longer need to wax. Simpler car care required for the next years to come. The glass coating is actually harder than your clear coat, so it takes more effort to scratch the surface.

The Benefits of both clear bra and ceramic coating from Envious Detailing in Orange COunty

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Ceramic Coating - 3yr

Price: $750
Durability: 3 Years

Glass coating that will greatly enhance the overall gloss and depth of the paintwork. So with one coating,

*Includes Maintenance Kit with purchase (3 MF towels and Ceramic Boost Spray)

Ceramic Coating Plus - 5yr

Price: $1200
Durability: 5+ years

This is a VERY effective and efficient way to protect your car with a best in class coating that will look better, protect better, is very hydrophobic, enhances the car care experience by making things easy to maintain! Water and dirt shed from the paint extremely well. Washing the car becomes effortless, gloss is on another level!

*Includes Maintenance Kit with purchase (3 MF towels and Ceramic Boost Spray)

Interior Coatings

Price: $500
Durability: 2-3 years

By cleaning and protecting the interior, we will be able to help your interior stay cleaner, longer.  Spills and cleanups will go smoother, the leather and fabrics will wipe clean easier. Staining will be kept to a minimum.
All fabrics receive fabric coating
All leather gets protected with a leather protection
All plastics get coated

Window Coating

Price: $250
Durability: 12-18 months

After polishing the glass, we will coat them for easier cleaning and better water repelling effect while washing and driving in the rain.  Dirt and grime will release easier as well!

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Modesta BC04

Price: $1750
Durability: 5 to 10 years

Glass coating with addition Nano-grade titanium added for additional hardness and protection. Resistant to oxidation due to inorganic nature of coating. Added scratch resistance due to hardness. Heat resistant up to 1650 degrees. Best in class overall.

*Includes Maintenance Kit with purchase ($150 value)

Modesta BC08

Price: $1050
Durability: 3 years

Glass coating with zirconium to create great shine and luster. Excellent water repellency and self cleaning sacrificial batteries to help prevent scratches and marring in clear coat. Great environmental protection with proper maintenance.

*Includes Maintenance Kit with purchase ($150 value)

Modesta BC06

Price: $500
Durability: 3+ years

Stain resistance. Easy Cleaning due to formation of solid glass sheet on painted surface. Hard coating formed prevents brake dust etching. 3270 degree heat resistance perfect for high performance cars. This is the best wheel coating we have every used! Others claim to work, this product actually works!

Leather Protection System

Price: $800
Durability: 2-3 years

2 part system for long term protection on all types of leather. Easy maintenance and cleaning. Non-greasy feel, smooth and natural looking.

*Carpets get fabric protection applied, UV protection on plastics with LPS purchase

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