Top of the line technology

Combined ceramic and non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon technologies offer our best protection, comfort and style available.

Fade Resistant

Scientifically formulated for a non-reflective, true black finish that will not fade over time, even in warm sunny climates.

Rejects & Blocks

Great for passengers and interiors: exceptional rejection of heat and infrared rays, along with the power to block 99% of UV rays.

Clear Communications

Metal-free film won’t interfere with GPS navigation, satellite radio, cellular phones, and other electronic devices within a vehicle.


Backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty with protection against fading. Certain restrictions apply.*

Stek NEX series Film

Shading doesn't effect pricing, its all the same to us! We offer just one line of tint as of now for a reason: Optimal performance and end results!

2 front roll ups $250
4 sides, 1 rear $500
6 sides, 1 rear $600
8 sides, 1 rear $700
windshield $350
Sunroof $150

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Calipers Painting

Pricing Starts at $1000
Change up the color of your brake calipers properlyt by having them removed, painted, coated, and reinstalled by pro mechanics. Too many times we see shops using someone who sprays them while leaving them on the car.  This is not the best way to handle repainting calipers. For more information, get in touch below.

Powder coating wheels

Pricing starts at $600
Change up the color and look of the car with a new color on the wheels. Satin black is a big hit with most performance cars.

Chrome Delete

Pricing starts at $1000
Window trim, chrome trim, emblems can all be blacked out with satin, matte, or gloss black paint. We are not offering vinyl wraps at this time.

Roof Wraps

Pricing starts at $500
We utilize Stek Dynoblack film to transform the look of your car WHILE giving you rock chip protection in those areas at the same time. Vinyl does not give you impact protection like Black clear bra does. For more information, get in touch below.

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