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The Best time to protect your new when it's brand new!

Most individuals believe that a brand-new vehicle is flawless. Dealerships will get the car prepared before it is delivered to the customer. However, they will not offer precision, as they use fast techniques that are cost-effective. This type of behavior will cause imperfections, lack luster paint, or improper product applications.

Dealerships tend to use a wool pad, a body shop glaze with high-speed machines that causes lots of hidden micro-marring in the paint. This will create what is known as a showroom shine. It will provide the car with extra gloss but will hide all the remaining imperfections. One would think that a car that just came from the factory should be in pristine condition. This is rarely the case, almost never in our case (maybe just 2 out of the 1000's we have worked on over the years).

There can be major flaws in factory paintwork and finishes that will need to be corrected. When you bring your car into Envious Detailing, we can address all of your concerns with you every step of the way.

When you buy a brand new car, it is the perfect time to get the protection started.  We are not talking simple waxes and sub-par efforts here. We cannot emphasize the need to quality from the start, and that is what we aim to give you. From Clear bra and window tint, to proper paint correction and ceramic coatings, we have all your car care needs covered! Sure there are a lot of shops out there who are charging so little it seems to good to be true (it usually is) but you will not find better customer service or quality than at Envious Detailing!

Envious Touch

Starting at $8000 [$750 off]

The highest level of protection and enhancement.

  • Wash, Clay & Chemical Paint Decontamination
  • One-Step Gloss Enhancement [Paint Polish]
  • Full Body [Clear Bra]
  • SDS Ceramic Coating Plus [5 Year]
  • SDS Ceramic Wheel Coating
  • SDS Ceramic Interior Coating Package
  • SDS Ceramic Window Tinting [Sides & Rear]
  • Interior & Exterior Detail

Elite Protection

Starting at $4650 [$600 off]

This is our most popular package for performance cars.

  • Wash, Clay & Chemical Paint Decontamination
  • Two-Step Clarity Package [Paint Correction]
  • Track Package [Clear Bra]
  • SDS Ceramic Coating Plus [5 Year]
  • SDS Ceramic Wheel Coating
  • SDS Ceramic Window Tinting [Sides & Rear]
  • Clean-Up Interior & Exterior

Standard Protection

Starting at $3600 [$500 off]

The Perfect Package For the Daily Driver.

  • Wash, Clay & Chemical Paint Decontamination
  • One-Step Gloss Enhancement [Paint Polish]
  • Full Front [Clear Bra]
  • SDS Ceramic Coating Plus [5 Year]
  • SDS Ceramic Window Tinting [Sides & Rear]
  • Interior & Exterior Detail
2 teslas for paint protection film and ceramic coatings in orange county, ca

Coat 'n Go

Starting at $1200 [$200 off]

Designed for those simply looking for added gloss and easier car care.

  • Wash, Clay & Chemical Paint Decontamination
  • One-Step Gloss Enhancement [Paint Polish]
  • SDS Ceramic Coating Plus [5-Year]
2021 white and gold jeep wrangler rubicon 392 after paint protection film [clear bra] and ceramic coating in orange, ca

Nearly 20 Years of Loyal Clients

134 Verified 5-Star Reviews & Counting

2022 shark blue porsche gt3 after paint correction, paint protection film [clear bra] and a ceramic coating in orange, CA
I've been taking my cars to Envious Detailing for over 10 years.
Eric has built a business around quality first, attention to detail, and really caring about customers. They operate with such a high level of integrity that I am always comforted when I bring my cars in for everything from paint correction to paint protection film to ceramic coatings. Most importantly, Eric is adept at asking you questions about how the car will be used, your expectations, etc. so that he can recommend the best solution for your needs.
Gregory B.
Porsche GT3
black mclaren 720s after paint correction, paint protection film [clear bra], Ceramic Coating and window tint  install in Orange, CA
I highly recommend [Envious] if you want a truly superior job done to your vehicle as I did for mine!
I have used several different high-end detailers in Orange County and San Diego for my new car paint correction and PPF and ceramic coating in the past for several Ferraris and Lamborghinis and have switched because of less than optimal results.  I am extremely picky about all the little details and want to have the outcome appear as if the custom PPF is basically invisible, the paint correction highlights the true color and clarity of the paint and the coating allows for easy maintenence of my vehicles.

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Mclaren 720S
What can I say that hasn't been said about Eric, Brett, and the rest of his team that hasn't been said already?
These guys are incredibly detail focused in literally every area that matters most regarding PPF installation, ceramic coatings, headlight tinting, detailing, removing and installing parts, and even thrive on their customer service better than any shop I've been too. On top of these services, I can honestly say these guys get things done the right way during both prep and install. I am incredibly worrisome about leaving my car anywhere, but Eric has handed me back my car looking better and better each and every time I stop by.

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Tim S.
Toyota Supra
Wow!  I'm absolutely blown away at the work that was done on my M4.
I decided that I wanted to protect my investment and get a new car prep package that included full front PPF, ceramic coating, wheel coating, and window tint.  After doing a good amount of research on the best detailing options in Orange County, Envious seemed to have the best reputation by a pretty wide margin.  I submitted a request through their website for more info and they got back to me immediately to go over options and pricing.  When I brought my car in they were able to give me a ton of information on the different services they offer and how it will protect/enhance the car, allowing me to make a more educated decision.  It took them less than a week to complete the work and they kept me updated the entire time.  When I went to pick up my car I was floored at the difference the work made in the overall appearance - the color pops, the metallic finish is enhanced and overall the car just looks "healthier."  These guys do an amazing job and I'd recommend anyone looking to have detailing work done just save yourself the time it takes to do the research and go with Envious Detailing.  You'll thank me later.
Jesse D.

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