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"Hey Envious Detailing, how do we protect our new BMW / TESLA / FERRARI / AUDI / PORSCHE...What do you recommend?"

Here are the simple answers. If you would like to dive into things more, feel free to come by the shop and we can go over your car together.
Paint Correction is the foundation of the overall look of the car. A brand new car is NEVER in optimal condition ready for protection only.  We can get a ton more gloss and depth out of a "new car" even when the owner doesnt believe it.
Clear Bra will encase your whole car in a "bubble" to protect it against the environment. This is the only form of rock chip protection available, not vinyl wraps, not ceramic coating, no other "whatever" can do what clear bra does in terms of protecting the paint on the car.
Ceramic coating will keep the car looking cleaner longer, and make the car care maintenance a breeze. Its the greatest
Window Tint will help protect the interior of the car from the sun rays, while keeping you cool while inside

Doing all these things is the going to be the best New car prep that you can get for your car

With that said, you have a few key options:

Our MOST common package entails the essentials

  • 1 step polishing
  • Track package clear bra
  • 3yr ceramic coating
  • Ceramic Tint

Benefits of that package is that the paintwork will look better and glossier, deeper and wetter.  The Track package clear bra install coverage all the high impact areas on the car to protect against road rash and rock chips. The Ceramic coating is our house coating that is going to keep the car looking better, longer and keeps the car easy to maintain.  The window tint will make the car look better (if going darker in color), keep the car cooler inside, and protect the interior from UV damage. This is the MOST COMMON new car protection option we have. This is the best bang for buck package we have for you.

Of course, if money is not a huge factor, for some it is, for some it is not, Clear bra the whole car, upgrade the coating to our 5yr option or Modesta BC04, coat the wheels with Modesta BC06, Tint the windshield and sunroof as well, and do 2 steps of polishing on the paint. This is the Ultimate new car prep where the whole car will be fully protected for years to come while looking its absolute glossiest! If you want the best, you need to have the right expectations from the get go!

We would love to get in touch and figure out how we can protect your car for you!

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