2019 BMW M4CS - Protected with the Essentials

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Envious Detailing: Quality from San Diego to Los Angeles

All the way from Carlsbad, San Diego County, this BMW M4CS was brought to us due to our drive for higher quality in all aspects of this service industry. Standard is not in our wheel house.  What you get with Envious Detailing is a custom clear bra install, Higher quality Japanese glass coatings (ceramic coatings), Ceramic window tint, and all around work you can trust! We are Orange County's BMW resource for paint protection needs.

On this particular M4, we were able to take decent looking, to extremely glossy, something to write home about! When it arrived, it lacked the luster you would expect from a brand new car (this is very typical from our experiences with any make of new car). Our paint correction services take the paint to new levels of clarity and gloss while the custom clear bra install leaves the front end, or whole car, looking like nothing has been done to it...just the way we like it. Our final protection choices, our house line and Modesta coating options, wrap up and protect the whole car better than any other coating on the market today from our experiences.

List of services performed on this BMW M4:

2 step paint correction (our clarity package)
Track package clear bra install (custom bulked film install)
Modesta bc06 wheel coating
Our Premium House 5yr coating
Suntek CIR window tint on the whole car for a cooler feel inside the car and cleaner look from the outside.

This is our typical new car prep package on this style of car. Its more aggressive styling lends itself to the need for the best and max protection of this kind...thinking your car needs the same aren't you...

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