February 10, 2019

Tesla Paint saved by clear bra, paint protective film

Orange County, CA

We hear it all the time...is it worth it? Is the clear bra fi really going to protect the paint?Short answer, ABSOLUTELY! take a look for yourself!

Clear bra is going to be the single best protection option you can put on your car paint. Its better than a Ceramic Coating in terms of total protection.  Clear bra is your impact protection from road debris, rocks, wind abrasion, sand storms, bikes, door dings (yes, film can even protect from that), other cars running into your car, etc.  PPF is 8ML thick that absorbs and deflects impacts away from the paintwork on your car. The film acts as an invisible layer of protection, a shield on the paint.

One of the major benefits of the clear bra is that it's removeable and replaceable much more easily than repainting. A simple procedure to remove the damaged piece and re-install a new one means no new paint is necessary, nor waiting a week or more to get your car back from the body shop either. Factory paint is more valuable compared to aftermarket paint!

So yes, Clear bra, or PPF, or paint protection film as its called, is definitely well worth the investment!

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