Porsche Turbo S - Full Body Protection w/ Paint Protection Film [Clear Bra]

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Porsche Turbo New Car Prep

After discussing all the options with this particular client, we settled on an overall process that encompassed the three main components of our services here at Envious Detailing. We are talking about paint correction, full body clear bra, and ceramic coatings. This is what we do.

We start out with a thorough washing and decontamination.  Just because the car is new doesnt mean that its perfect.  In fact, its far from it. There was definitely something applied to the paintwork in the form of protection, but it was applied over contamination. Through our proper processes, we were able to remove the protection layer, remove the contamination, and leave the paintwork bare and ready to be polished properly.

Paint Correction Process

After trying a few different combinations, we settled on a very solid single step polishing using our most common combination (its our most popular for a reason, but we try different combos just in case).  The reason we do this is because we want to provide the best gloss under the film so it shines through.  Some shops say it doesnt matter, but truth be told, it does 100%

Clear Bra Installation

When clients want the best, we go with our custom installation where we wrap and cap corners and bulk/explode patterns to ensure we get full coverage on the panel. We remove parts in order to allow a more seamless install with fewest edges seen.  This is what our customers have come to know us for. The alternative is a kit install, which isn't bad for those looking to simply protect their paint (which is the point of ppf in the first place). We have options for both types of clients.

Modesta Ceramic Coatings

BC04 - The most durable, the thickest, the glassiest, the longest lasting coating on the market is now protecting this Porsche Turbo S. Laying Modesta on top of the film as well adds the extreme hydrophobic element everyone loves to see while driving in the rain, or while washing the car. Plus, its protection against environmental attacks is a huge bonus in the fact it takes more effort to damage the paint/film.  Well worth the investment for those looking for the best!

BC06 - Center lock wheels are no problem for us to remove since we have the proper tools required to do so. Once removed, we thoroughly cleaned them and prepped them for the coating application.  The best way to coat wheels is with Modesta BC06.  While its the most expensive wheel coating available, its the best at aiding in keeping wheels easy to maintain and clean. Its also applied it the most effective way, sprayed. We are able to get the coating evenly laid across the whole wheel, even in the tight nook and crannies of complex wheels.  After the coating is applied, we spend the time getting the curing process started by baking them with IR heat lamps.

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