The Importance of Paint Protection Film [Clear Bra]

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Orange County Clear Bra Necessity

At Envious Detailing, we take pride in educating our clients the proper and truthful way.  We do not give fluff, we do not just sell things that may or may not help or be true.  We like knowing that our information is at the forefront of what our clients are looking into. So when we get asked the following question, we know the truthful answer is real!

Clear Bra, PPF, Paint Protection Film - they are one in the same.

People often ask, “Why do I need to have a clear bra applied to the paint on my car?”. 

Well, that is an easy answer when you think about it logically.

Imagine driving down the road, you get behind a few cars, and all of a sudden you hear “tink, tink, tink tink tink…”  That’s right, your paint is getting pummeled by rocks varying in size.  Some small ones might not do any damage, but rest assured, the bigger ones most definitely will chip away the paint upon impact and we aren’t talking big rocks, these “big rocks” are just the size of rice grains..  It doesn’t matter if you are driving 40 miles an hour, or 100 miles an hour, rock chips occur everywhere, everyday, everytime you take the car out on the roads.

And it’s not entirely the car in front of you that is doing the damage.  It could be your own car kicking up rocks damaging your paint.  That’s right, you are causing your own paint damage by driving.  This happens in areas from behind the front tires backward.  Areas like the lower rockers, lower doors, rear impact areas in front of the rear tires, behind the rear tires, let alone the underside flat parts.  If you look at your car after just 100 miles and see all these areas damaged, you know what I am talking about.  You just cringed at the thought, didn’t you

Luckily, Clear bra is the solution for this potential damage.  The 8ml layer of “invisible plastic” will absorb the impact and deflect the rock energy away from the paint preventing the chipping from occurring.  The paint protection film acts as a sacrificial barrier between the elements and the paintwork on your car.  It is designed to take the abuse and impact so the underlying paint stays in tact. 

Benefits of a Clear Bra installed in Orange County by Envious Detailing today:

  • Self healing - heat exposure eliminates swirls and light scratches in the film
  • Removeable - can be removed and reapplied as needed while keeping factory paint
  • Protection - Prevents rock chips, sap and bird etching, waterspotting, scratches, minor dings and dents
  • Easy maintenance - washes easy, stays glossy with minimal effort, and looks good
  • Warranty - 10 year limited warranty means long term protection
  • Glossy - Non-yellowing film

Care Free Driving in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas

There is nothing better than knowing your car is totally protected while driving down the road, out on the track, or in the canyons.  You bought the car to drive it, not to feel timid behind the wheel because you “don’t want to damage the paint.”  Clear bra is going to be the single best solution for protecting the paintwork on your car and give you the true pure joy in carefree driving!

Areas of Clear Bra protection applied by Envious Detailing

Some of the most common areas of protection are the hood, fenders, bumper, headlights, side mirrors...the full front.  Then, some who have lower profile, wider, higher performance cars will also protect the rockers, rear impacts, and all lower portions of the sides of the car.  Then we have the full car.  If you want total car protection, then look into having clear bra applied to the entire car.  This serves many purposes as previously described.  This is the 2nd best protection you can give your car paint (adding a coating on top of the film will be the best).

  • Hood, fender, bumper, headlight, side mirrors (typical minimum install)
  • Doors
  • Rockers
  • Carbon fiber roofs/pieces 
  • Rear bumpers
  • Underside of the car (typical of high performance, expensive cars with carbon underbody)

Stay tuned for more information on clear bra, their worth, the best time for them, the best applications for them, and why they belong on every single car on the road.

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