January 1, 2019

Ferrari 488 Paint Correction

Enjoy this Ferrari 488 paint correction video of the after effects on the paintwork. This was after our Reset Package which can be found here on the Paint Correction page.

Long time client coming back for the quality paint correction we offer.  Before our very first project together, we had a discussion about what his needs were, and what he expected, and what was possible regarding his paintwork. From there, we gave him two options...a satisfactory one in 8 hours, and a stunning one in 16 hours...he chose the latter.  He had previously been burned by other "detailers" claiming to know what the car and client needed, but no one had ever discussed things in person with him like we did. By the end of that project, he was blown away and he was hooked for future paint correction projects.

Fast forward to this project, the consultation was much faster...."same thing as last time", "Yes"...it was complete trust in what we do that he had. This is what we strive for in customer relations today....trust, understanding, loyalty. When you factor pricing alone, we are not the cheapest.  When you factor in everything beyond pricing alone, we are leaps and bounds the best value.

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