BMW M2 CS Clear Bra Installation

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After searching around for a facility to protect his car, this client found us, Envious Detailing, to handle his car care needs. He was after rock chip protection for his brand new BMW M2CS, first one in socal area that we have done. After hearing about our options, he wanted the more seamless and more "invisible" option...our custom install. He was extremely happy, even referred his friend immediately after picking it up (his was the test car).

Below is a video of the install process where you can see all the steps involved in our style of install.  Take note, this is a 95% custom install, not a kitted install that most other shops do.  We remove emblems and trim pieces, modify bumper kits to our liking, and wrap and cap corners where possible. It takes longer, but the end result is much better and much cleaner looking since the edges are not visible because they wrap around panel edges into the inconspicuous areas. If you are truly looking for the best possible looking install, it has to be a CUSTOM install. Kits will work fine, but custom offers something special for those wanting more.

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