2020 Toyota Supra GR - Protected from Head to Toe

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2020 Toyota Supra GR

This is one of those cars that we love the process on because its new and original with unique challenges. From the complex bumpers, the dismantling of some parts for better access to custom wrap the ppf and finally the end look, this one was a fun project! Attached are just a few of the pictures that we took, along with the video. Check it out, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

The GR Supra Launch Edition

"Only the lucky few will get the opportunity to own the GR Supra Launch Edition. Limited to just 1500 units—and available in Renaissance Red 2.0, Nocturnal black or Absolute Zero white—each of these cars comes standard with red mirror caps, unique matte-black wheels, red seats, carbon-fiber interior trim, and an individually numbered interior badge with Akio Toyoda's signature."
-From toyota's Website

List of what was done on this Supra:

Single polish step - gloss enhancement
Full body clear bra - rock chip protection
Supreme Detail Supply Ceramic Coating - 5 year coating option
Modesta BC06 Wheel Coating - 2500 degree heat resistance
Suntek Ceramic Window Tint - 20%

At the end of the project, this car ended up leaving very well protected and looking better than it was when it left the dealership as "BRAND NEW"

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