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Why Paint Protection Film?

Sun Damage Protection

Self Healing Properties

Physical Damage Protection

Gloss Enhancement Properties

Sun Damage Protection

Self Healing Properties

Physical Damage Protection

Gloss Enhancement Properties

Virtually Invisible Protection Against:

Rock Chips


Sun (UV) Damage

Road Debris

Swirl Marks

Full Front

Average Duration: 2-3 Days

• Bumper
• Headlights
• Hood
• Fenders
• Side Mirrors

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Track Pack

Average Duration: 3-5 Days

• Bumper
• Headlights
• Hood
• Fenders
• Side Mirrors
• Lower Doors(if applicable)
• Rocker Panels
• Rear High Impact Areas

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Full Car

Average Duration: 5-7 Days

• All Painted Surfaces Protected

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Nearly 20 Years of Loyal Clients

160 Verified 5-Star Reviews & Counting

I've been taking my cars to Envious Detailing for over 10 years.
Eric has built a business around quality first, attention to detail, and really caring about customers. They operate with such a high level of integrity that I am always comforted when I bring my cars in for everything from paint correction to paint protection film to ceramic coatings. Most importantly, Eric is adept at asking you questions about how the car will be used, your expectations, etc. so that he can recommend the best solution for your needs.
Gregory B.
Porsche GT3
I highly recommend [Envious] if you want a truly superior job done to your vehicle as I did for mine!
I have used several different high-end detailers in Orange County and San Diego for my new car paint correction and PPF and ceramic coating in the past for several Ferraris and Lamborghinis and have switched because of less than optimal results.  I am extremely picky about all the little details and want to have the outcome appear as if the custom PPF is basically invisible, the paint correction highlights the true color and clarity of the paint and the coating allows for easy maintenence of my vehicles.

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Mclaren 720S
Wow!  I'm absolutely blown away at the work that was done on my M4.
I decided that I wanted to protect my investment and get a new car prep package that included full front PPF, ceramic coating, wheel coating, and window tint.  After doing a good amount of research on the best detailing options in Orange County, Envious seemed to have the best reputation by a pretty wide margin.  I submitted a request through their website for more info and they got back to me immediately to go over options and pricing.  When I brought my car in they were able to give me a ton of information on the different services they offer and how it will protect/enhance the car, allowing me to make a more educated decision.  It took them less than a week to complete the work and they kept me updated the entire time.  When I went to pick up my car I was floored at the difference the work made in the overall appearance - the color pops, the metallic finish is enhanced and overall the car just looks "healthier."  These guys do an amazing job and I'd recommend anyone looking to have detailing work done just save yourself the time it takes to do the research and go with Envious Detailing.  You'll thank me later.
Jesse D.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Clear bra needed?

Well, paint & bodywork is far more expensive and tends to provide less than optimal results.

Clear Bra is your first line of defense against:
• Rock Chips
• Road Debris
• Scratching

This film can withstand impacts and deters damage to the paint.
With Clear Bra, you can rest easy knowing your car's paint will stay pristine for years to come.
No worries about your paint becoming chipped, nicked or scratched just from your daily commute!

How long does clear bra last?

All of our Paint Protection Films have a 10 year warranty covering everything from bubbling, cracking, yellowing, adhesion failure, & more.

However, that doesn't mean we recommend waiting 10 years to remove it.

To have the best results and the easiest removal, we typically suggest replacing it around the 7-8 year mark.
Upon removal, your paint will be as pristine as it did when we applied it!

Kit vs. Custom: What's the difference?

Our Kit Installation starts with a computer cut pattern of each of the panels to be protected.
This style is not as seamless of an install, and you can expect to see some exposed corners and possibly a few edges leading into the next panel.
During a kit install, we use a ¼” wrap which typically reaches the corners on both sides, but there are limitations w/ this style.

Our Custom Install is what we are known for, and ensures your Clear Bra is as seamless as possible.
We ensure all of the edges of the panel are wrapped and the corners are capped.
This type of installation requires considerably more time and effort to do properly. Our installers lay a larger piece of film on each panel and hand trim the film to provide the best end result.

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How much of the car should be covered with clear bra?

There are a lot of factors that play into this question.
The recommended coverage area of a clear bra will highly depend on the body style, the use of your vehicle, and the conditions it will be seeing.

For instance, if you use your car for your daily commute on highways and streets, we would recommend a full front install. This is also perfect for cars that don't have as many high impact areas in the rear!

Our track package is perfect for those who anticipate high speeds and will be seeing more harsh environments. You'll also want to consider this option if you have exposed forward facing panels in the rear. It is highly recommended for track cars and higher performance cars. 

A full body install will ensure your paint is completely protected. Recommended to those who want to keep their vehicle in pristine condition. If you are unable to determine which install is best for you, no worries! Setup an in-person consultation

What brand of film does Envious use?

Adhering to only the highest quality standards, we only use the best Paint Protection Film that the industry has to offer!

We use premium Paint Protection Films from Stek Automotive and Supreme Detail Supply.

After years of testing a variety of different products, ranging from Xpel, Suntek, 3M, and a variety of others, we've stuck with Stek and Supreme.

These films have provided the best finish, the highest gloss and continue to impress us with their protection capabilities.

Why Choose Envious Detailing?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take pride in our work, and back it up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind

Unmatched Quality & Attention to Detail

We treat your car as if it were our own to ensure we meet the strict quality standards we've always upheld

Driven by Principles of Integrity

This is an art, not a science.
You need people you can trust. Not for when things go according to plan, but in case they don't

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take pride in our work, and back it up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind