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The Best Clear Film Protection in Orange County.

Clear Protection Film, A.K.A. Paint Protection Film or Clear Bra, is easily the best way to protect your new car!
Providing virtually invisible protection, Clear Bra absorbs impact and protects your paint from your daily drive!
This film offers a defense mechanism that can't be found in other products on the market. 
Don't let gravel, rocks and other road debris destroy your car's finish and kill its value!
Make sure you choose a shop you can trust!
With 15 Years of 5 Star Reviews, Envious Detailing has built our reputation on an adherence to only the highest of quality standards.
We are recognized for our hand-trimmed, custom PPF installations to ensure our customers get the most seamless protection possible.
As a result, not only will your car look pristine, but it will stay that way!

Why is Clear Protection Film needed? +

Clear Protection Film is your first line of defense against impacts from gravel, rock chips, and other road debris.
This film can withstand impacts and deters damage to the paint. With Clear Bra on your side, your car's paint will stay pristine for years to come.
No worries about your paint becoming chipped, nicked or scratched just from your daily commute!
Perfect for those who want to keep their paint looking like the day they bought it.

How Long does our Clear Protection Film last? +

When properly cared for, Clear Bra can last up to 10 years. Our films come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Once the warranty period is up, we recommend removing and replacing the film.
Upon removal, your paint will be as pristine as it did when we applied it!

Kit vs. Custom: What's the Differece? +

Our Kit Installation starts with a computer cut pattern of each of the panels to be protected. This style is not as seamless of an install, and you can expect to see some exposed corners and possibly a few edges leading into the next panel.
During a kit install, we use a ¼” wrap which typically reaches the corners on both sides, but there are limitations w/ this style.

Our Custom Install is what we are known for, and ensures your Clear Bra is as seamless as possible. We ensure all of the edges of the panel are wrapped and the corners are capped.
This type of installation requires considerably more time and effort to do properly. Our PPF experts lay a larger piece of film on each panel and hand trim the film to provide the best end result.

For more information on our kit and custom installation please visit our blog.

How much of the car should be covered with clear bra? +

There are a lot of factors that play into this question. The recommended coverage area of a clear bra will highly depend on the body style, the use of your vehicle, and the conditions it will be seeing.
For instance, if you use your car for your daily commute on highways and streets, we would recommend a full front install. This is also perfect for cars that don't have as many high impact areas in the rear!
Our track package is perfect for those who anticipate high speeds and will be seeing more harsh environments. You'll also want to consider this option if you have exposed forward facing panels in the rear. It is highly recommended for track cars and higher performance cars. 
A full body install will ensure your paint is completely protected. Recommended to those who want to keep their vehicle in pristine condition. If you are unable to determine which install is best for you, no worries! Setup an in-person consultation

What Film Do We Use? +

Adhering to only the highest quality standards, we only use the best Paint Protection Film that the industry has to offer!
After years of testing a variety of different products, ranging from Xpel, Suntek, 3M, and a variety of others, we've stuck with Stek Automotive.
Stek has provided the best finish, the highest gloss and continues to impress us with its unmatched protection capabilities.
We use Stek DynoShield for Clear Bra, but we also offer their range of other finishes to best match your particular needs and desires.

See Why We Stick w/ Stek
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Full Front

  • Wash, Clay, Decon
  • Full Hood
  • Full Fenders
  • Bumper
  • Headlights
  • Side Mirrors

Track Package

  • Wash, Clay, Decon
  • Full Front
  • Rockers
  • High Impact Areas

Full Car

  • Wash, clay, decon prep
  • Emblems removed, reinstalled if desired
  • Full body clear bra install

Partial Front

  • Wash, clay, decon prep
  • Partial hood
  • Partial fenders
  • Bumper
  • Headlights
  • Side Mirrors

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     For the past 19 years, Envious Detailing has garnered a reputation of trust and authority in the Automotive Protection Industry. Adhering to only the highest of quality standards, we have continued to provide our customers with the best in Paint Protection.
     We have done extensive testing on all of the products we offer, ensuring only the highest quality materials for your car. We set ourselves apart from the average shop, using only premium materials from Stek Automotive & Supreme Detail Supply. We go above and beyond to ensure you and your car get the treatment you're looking for.

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The Paint Protection Film We Trust

STEK Dynoshield

ultra glossy, hydrophobic, self healing and puncture resistant

DYNOshield has continued to provide our clients with unparalleled protection for those seeking the best-performing film on the market.
This film includes a nano-glass top coat that is bonded to the film at a molecular level to virtually eliminate the need for waxes or after-market top coatings.
DYNOshield is unique in the market as it combines the use of an extremely hydrophobic top coat and self-healing properties to combat light surface scratches. Mimicking a ceramic coating, the hydrophobic top coat ensures dirt and debris won't stick nearly as easily!
Combined with UV-resistant and anti-yellowing adhesives, this film provides unmatched clarity and gloss plus improved puncture resistance.
DYNOshield is the best automotive Clear Vehicle Protection option available from one of the worlds’ leading paint protection film manufacturers.
After testing numerous PPF brands over the years, Stek has simply proven to provide the best clarity, protection and installation. You don't want your paint to look grainy or hazy, and we wouldn't allow that either! That's why we choose Stek.
We are utilizing all Films from STEK - DynoShield, DynoMatt, DynoBlack, DynoSmoke, and their new Colored PPF options when requested.

Unmatched Clarity

Providing the best finish out of all the films we have tested, DynoShield is the most opulently clear, maintains the truest color of your paint, and has the best gloss levels on the market.

Impressive Endurance

Rock chips, scratching, road debris and heavier damage is no match for DynoShield. You're looking for the best protection for your new car, and this is it! Keep your paint pristine for the long haul!

Self Healing

Swirl marks and other marring is a thing of the past. DynoShield repairs scratches effortlessly using heat from your vehicle’s engine or simply the sun!

Protect Your investment

save yourself from a repaint