Tesla Model 3

This particular Tesla client found us through Yelp, a very good place to find 5 star reviews from our satisfied clients. He chose us out of others because of those reviews and coming in for an in person consultation. Once we went over all the options, we scheduled a time for him to drop off his car for the work to be performed. We ended up doing a Paint Correction to gloss up and enhance the overall look of the car, then applied Suntek PPF to the entire car. This is the best defense against the elements in protecting the factory paint. After the Clear bra was installed, we applied a satin vinyl wrap to the chrome to rid the car of any chrome effects. Following all of that, we applied Modesta Coatings to the entire car body for easy maintenance and care. For more info, give us a call or shoot us an email! 7143565145 info@enviousdetailing.com

Services Used:

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