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Does your car have swirls or light scratches on its paint surface? Does your brand new paint finish not look as clear as you would like? Envious Detailing has built its name around its high-quality car paint correction services performed time and time again. Generally speaking, our “moderate” process outperforms the “high end” package of other car detailers.

Paint Correction Packages


Quotes for paint correction needs can only be done in person, but listed below are the packages that we offer.

Gloss Enhancement▼

Our gloss enhancement is designed to enhance the look of your paint with a single polishing step. This will remove slight oxidation, light swirls, and give the paint a deeper, wetter look. Our auto detailers provide an overall clean-up of the car through decontamination, light polishing and protection application as well as an interior spruce up to get that clean feeling back from your car. This care detailing service is perfect for the daily driver looking for a quick shine without getting into heavy paint correction.

Clarity Package▼

Proper car paint correction methods remove a majority of the paint defects and restore the gloss and depth in the paintwork. The end result will be a much better looking paint, a higher gloss, and a look that rivals a brand new car. Some defects will remain, but the paint will have a dramatically better look to it and will be in the 80-90% correction range. This package is perfect for the daily driver.

The Reset Package▼

This car paint correction will result in a glossy paint finish, creating a shine that will leave long lasting impressions. From an appearance standpoint, this service creates a complete transformation in the look of the car. A car full paint correction eliminates all defects that can be safely removed without over-thinning the paint. This paint correction service create the highest gloss and depth at the highest and deepest levels possible. Once this car detailing service is completed, people often remark that their  end result is stunning, unreal, and amazing. Many professional car detailing customers even say that their car paint looks better than new!

 Swirl marks, light scratches, oxidation, hazy paint…don’t worry, Envious Detailing can take care of the paint on your car. Whether it’s a luxury car worth a million dollars or a daily driven car that gets you from point A to point B, it should be looking its best day in and day out. With the skill set to take your car to the next level, and a mindset to always outperform the competition, our auto detailers are constantly putting out high quality paint correction work that you simply won’t be able to find elsewhere. From mild methods of maintenance detailing, to more demanding attention methods through proper wet sanding and heavy correction work, our work will always outshine the rest. When you want your car to look the best, Envious Detailing is the call to make.

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