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If you could bring back the gloss and clarity of your paint, you would, right? 
That's where Paint Correction comes in!
Paint correction is the systematic leveling of the paint through various compounds and polishes to remove defects such as Swirl Marks, Orange Peel, Holograms, Light Scratching, Oxidation, Water Spots, and more!
Proper Paint Correction refines your paint's finish, leveling out the clear coat, which enhances the gloss and clarity of your paint.
Being the go-to facility for Proper Paint Correction in Orange County, you can rest assured knowing we will have the solutions to your paint issues!
We have over 100 combinations of pads, machines, polishes to achieve your desired end result! Stop by for an estimate at our Orange County location for your specific car needs.

What sets envious apart? +

Well, truth be told, we don't cut corners. We spend upwards of 6 to 25 hours on a car's paint work to get the finish just right.
Where most shops have a standard combination of compound and polish for all of their cars, we know that this isn't a "one size fits all" scenario. We go through numerous combinations of compounds, polishes and machines to determine which combo will give the absolute best end result.
This process CANNOT be done in a mere 3-5 hours.

It takes time to properly decontaminate and prepare a car for Paint Correction.
It takes time to determine the right combination of compounds, polishes and machines that will give you the best end result.
It takes time to properly level the paint through each stage of the process.
It takes time to properly clean a car after it has been corrected.

Our two step process takes anywhere from 10-12 hours. How other shops are able to get it done in 3-4 hours... well, we have no idea, but the results speak for themselves.

Why is Paint Correction needed? +

You just got a brand new car! Congrats! I'm sure you're really impressed with the paint quality.... right? You may want to consider taking a closer look.

Whether your car is brand new or it has a few years on it, Paint Correction is what will truly give you the show room quality finish that you're looking for.

Even brand new cars have unsightly marring that takes away from the gloss and clarity of your paint.

Swirl marks, oxidation, water spotting and light scratching is all a reality of automotive paint - but we can fix that with a proper Paint Correction!

How long does this process take? +

Sadly, it isn't as straight forward as it seems. A single step correction can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, whereas an intensive multi-step process takes 15 to 25 hours.

It all depends on the starting condition and the desired end results.

We highly recommend coming down to the shop to discuss what you're looking to achieve and how we can best meet your expectations!

How to maintain the paint after Paint Correction? +

Maintenance is a crucial part in keeping the paintwork pristine after Paint Correction.  
This is where using proper car wash techniques comes into play.
Using high quality soaps, mitts, drying towels, and the proper tools, you can enjoy the benefits of the paint correction for a very long time with very little effort.  
We highly suggest adding a Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection Film for long term protection. These protection options offer sacrificial layers between the elements and your paint.
Learn more about them by clicking the hamburger menu at the top of the screen!
For all your car care needs, head over to Supremedetailsupply for high-quality detailing supplies. Use Code "Envious10" for a 10% discount!

What is the expected end result? +

Simply put, this is up to the client.
Some would like the paint to be more glossy but do not care about the swirls and light scratches.
Some want to look at the paint and see as little paint defects as possible.  
We have the solution for everyone’s needs and budget.
An in-person consultation is highly suggested in order to understand the work scope at hand as this is not a "one size fits all" scenario.

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Gloss Enhancement
Clarity Package
Reset Package

Gloss Enhancement

Estimated Service Time: 4-8 Hours.

This is a 1-Step Paint Correction package solely intended for those looking to boost the gloss and shine of their paint.
This minor Paint Correction package is designed for cars that need just a little boost in gloss, those getting ready to be sold, or those in need or minor correction services.
This is NOT a paint correction process in the broad sense of the term.
It is designed to satisfy the needs of a lot of the daily driven cars just looking for a spruce up greater than what a simple waxing will provide. The end result will be a smoother and glossier finish!

  • Wash, Clay, Chemical Paint Decontamination
  • Single Polish Step for added Gloss and Depth
  • Up to 50-60% of light defects will be removed
  • Door jambs, windows, exhaust tips, trim cleaned
  • Wheels cleaned inside and out

Clarity Package

Estimated Service Time: 12-15 Hours

Our 2-Step Paint Correction is ideal for those with a new car looking for a showroom quality finish, or for those with a car that has a few years on it looking to remove marring and bring back the gloss and clarity of their paint.
Even brand new car need lots of paint correction work.  This is the entry point for true Paint Correction, as we will spend the next 12-15 hours methodically leveling out your paint.
We will be removing as many defects as we can without reducing your clear coat to the point of premature failure. 

  • Wash, Clay, & Chemical Paint Decontamination
  • Single Compound Step for Deeper Defect Removal
  • Single Polish Step for Gloss & Clarity Refinement
  • Up to 80-90% correction
  • Door Jambs, Windows, Trim, and Exhaust Tip Cleaning
  • Wheel Cleaning - Inside and Out

The Reset Package

Estimated Service Time: 15-30 Hours

This is our Multi-Step Paint Correction intended for those looking for the absolute best finish possible on their car.
Showroom Quality is an understatement.
This is a total revamp of the exterior of the car.  
After determining the best combination of compounds and polishes, we will spend over 15 hours leveling the paint, only to then spend another 3-4 hours refining it to a high-gloss and marring-free finish.
While every car has its own limitations, we strive to make your paint look better than when you first got the keys.

  • Wash, Clay, & Chemical Paint Decontamination
  • Paint Thickness Gauge Readings
  • Heavy Compounding Steps for Defect Removal
  • Mid Level Comounding for Paint Refinement
  • High Gloss Polish Step for Enhanced Clarity & Shine
  • Up to 98% correction
  • Door Jambs, Windows, Trim, and Exhaust Tip Cleaning
  • Wheels Cleaning - Inside and Out

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