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Enhance your car with Nano Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is the most robust paint protection and provides your vehicle with a flawless finish. This enhanced protection can last between 3 to 10 years, which means your investment will have a superior defense system for years to come. 

Waxing will become a thing of the past, as this product will provide your vehicle with a higher quality gloss finish. The coating is applied to paintwork, trim, glass and interior parts. Your vehicle is in good hands with Envious Detailing, as we are the Founding company of Supreme Detail Supply, and an exclusive installer of Modesta Coatings in the Orange County area.

Choosing Envious Detailing will ensure you are getting the highest quality treatment from start to finish. While the market is saturated with hundreds of different coating products, none of them can compare to the performance or protection that Modesta has to offer.

Paint can easily be damaged by harsh weather elements. The ceramic coating enhances protection by adding a semi-permanent layer of thickness to your car’s paint. 
This is absolutely the best protection for your vehicle. It will help extend the life of your car’s paintwork while keeping it looking pristine.

There are several different types of coating you can go with. A professional-level coating is rated to last from 5 to 10 years, while entry-level coating protects for 2 to 3 years. 
It will also depend on how well you maintain your vehicle after the coating is applied.

Adds an extra thick layer of protection to your car’s paint
--Rock-solid protection against all types of weather and road debris
--No more waxing, as these advanced coatings will provide you with long term protection and a shine that cannot be accomplished with wax.Glass coating offers the hardest surface on the market
--Will take more effort to cause surface scratches
--Dirt will not easily stick to a ceramic coating, making it a breeze to wash your vehicle.

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Modesta BC04

Durability: 3 to 10 years

Modesta® Coatings provides a flawless finish and the highest level of durable protection that the industry has to offer. Enhanced protection lasting between three to ten years will ensure longevity for your investment.

Your vehicle is in good hands with Envious Detailing, as we are an exclusive installer of Modesta® Coatings in the Orange County area. When you choose Envious Detailing, your car is receiving the highest quality treatment from start to finish.There are hundreds of different coating products available on the market, but none of them offer better protection or performance from weather elements than Modesta® Coating.

*Includes Maintenance Kit with purchase ($150 value)

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Modesta BC08

Durability: 3 years

Glass coating with zirconium to create great shine and luster. Excellent water repellency and self cleaning sacrificial batteries to help prevent scratches and marring in clear coat. Great environmental protection with proper maintenance.

*Includes Maintenance Kit with purchase ($150 value)

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Modesta BC06

Durability: 5+ years

Stain resistance. Easy Cleaning due to formation of solid glass sheet on painted surface. Hard coating formed prevents brake dust etching. 3270 degree heat resistance perfect for high performance cars.

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Leather Protection System

2 part system for long term protection on all types of leather. Easy maintenance and cleaning. Non-greasy feel, smooth and natural looking.

*Carpets get fabric protection applied, UV protection on plastics with LPS purchase

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Why Envious Detailing?

14 years ago in the Orange County area, founder, Eric Schuster noticed the low standards of customer service and underwhelming results within the car detailing industry and believed that there was a better way. Setting out to deliver an astounding level of quality for the people whom only want the best for their car, Envious Detailing was born. It’s curation of services and expertise in the industry that lead to such impressive results quickly led customers to recommending the business to other people they knew. Many years later, the key belief in delivering on the highest quality service for clients still shines through today.

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"Great Experience"

Eric and his crew offer the best available services and products for protecting high-end vehicles. They have the experience to guide you through all the products they offer and the staff's support is fantastic. I had my Porsche, Infiniti, & Lexus all filmed and hard-coated at Envious and I couldn't be happier with the results. Give them a call; you won't regret it. Have a great day!.

- Ken L


I just had my 2019 M5 Competition washed, then paint corrected, ceramic coating of Modesta BC04, and Modesta BC06 ceramic coating for the wheels. The car looks fabulous and Eric at Envious detailing did a great job!  I am the ultimate car guy and I would recommend their shop very highly.  If you treat your car like family like I do, run don't walk to his shop.

- Gene B.


I have known Eric for the last 10 years and watched him grow from being mobile to moving to a large shop in Orange. His diligence, attention to detail and extremely high quality of work is what helped him grow and what pushes people to continue to come back and continue to refer more friends and family. Eric has worked on multiple cars for me and recently prepped an older BMW for a Concourse show. I will continue to keep on coming back because Eric helps me keep all my cars in immaculate shape. Paint correction with coating is what I always settle for and results are always very consistent.....top notch. Keep up the good work Eric!!.

- Kamil W.

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Envious Detailing is the best in Orange County for auto detailing services for every client with needs ranging from higher quality clear bras, window tint, best ceramic coatings and more. Our commitment to quality means we only use the best products on the market. Are you interested in protecting your car paint? Do you need to correct your paint finish? Do you want to explore new services? Contact us for more information

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