Do you like the look of rock chips on the front of your car? We didn’t think so. Here at Envious Detailing, we have the solution for you, which is the Suntek® Clear Bra. Also known as ppf, or paint protection film, our clear bra experts apply the Suntek, Xpel clear bra to all desired surfaces for impact protection while driving down roads and highways. Loose gravel, rocks, and debris all cause damage to your car’s paintwork.  Having a clear bra applied to the car in any form can literally save you from having to spend thousands of dollars repainting. After all, saving the factory paint on the car will allow the car hold its value higher over time compared to a car with repainted panels, not to mention a repaint doesn’t always match perfectly.  Protect your investment with our clear bra install as soon as possible.

Our paint protection film installers can cover anything from just certain parts of the car, or the entire car.  Either way, paint protection film is the best protection you can get for impact damage from rocks and road debris.  Call or email for more information to schedule an appointment.