Every once in a while, there are cars that come through that we are simply shocked about how the end results end up.  This one came in looking pretty tired.  I wasn’t expecting a newer car, with only 4000 miles on it, to look the way this one did.  It was obviously, it was neglected.

Over the next 16 hours, the car received 3 steps of polishing in order to revive the better than new results we were after. This was the 2nd car we did for this client.  His first car was the first time he had someone spend over 16 hours on one of his cars for a “detail.”  Needless to say, what Envious Detailing does is not simple detailing.  Paint correction is much more involved and labor intensive than basic detailing.

Paint correction is the process or re-leveling the surface of the paint in order to remove the defects, not just cover them up with oils and glazes only to reappear in the next couple of weeks.  A lot of “detailers” skimp out on the process in order to maximize profits.  Simply put, this is cutting corners and the improper method of paint correction.  When someone says they can do a paint correction in 4 hours with a “3 step correction” you can be assured you will receive less than stellar results.  True paint correction takes time to do things correctly the first time around.  It makes zero sense to try and skip steps only to have to go back around and do things over again.

This Ferrari received a wash, clay, decon process.  It was followed up with 3 steps of polishing…1 compound step, 1 medium polish step, 1 final polish step.  Afterwards, we applied a spray coating from Gtechniq for long lasting and slick protection.  the car will stay cleaner longer and wash easier from now on.  Maintenance will be a breeze and the depth and wetness will be long lasting.

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