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Detailing Services Packages

Our detailing services packages along with their corresponding prices are listed below.


Light Interior Detailing – Price: $125

This package includes an interior cleaning of the car. The carpets get vacuumed, the entire interior gets wiped down with an interior cleaner/uv protection, and cracks and crevices are dusted and brushed out.

Exterior Clay and Wax Package  – Price: $175

This package will smooth out the paint and the glass and then have a wax applied for protection. Interior will receive a vacuum and dusting.

Overall Clean Up – Price: $250

Includes both the light interior detail and the extrerior clay and wax package.  This is our version of a basic detail as it covers all the necessities for maintaining a clean car.  Top to bottom, front to back, everything gets proper attention.

Wheel removal for Cleaning – Price: $200

Wheel get removed for a more thorough cleaning of the inners and the outers.
*We highly suggest a wheel coating option at this point since the wheels are off and thoroughly cleaned.

Glass Polishing – Price: $150

All glass will be clayed and polished for better visibility and clarity.  The goal is to remove water spotting if possible, dirt, grime, etc from the glass and keep visibility at a maximum.


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