Clear Bra

Clear Bra


Protect your car.

Our clear bra installations use the Suntek® Clear Bra to protect your car from all of the gravel, rocks, and road debris that damages your paintwork. Our detailers can customize the installation to your specifications, from only a portion of the car to your entire vehicle. Our commitment to quality means we are obsessed with giving you a more invisible look compared to our competitors. The final result is a clean, protected car.

$1700 – $2000

Full Front

Full Hood, Full Fenders, Side Mirrors, Headlights, Modified Bumper coverage.

$2000 – $2400

Track Package

Full front clear bra combined with rockers and rear impact areas. All the important areas to protect from track aggressive driving.

$4500 – $6000

Full Car

Everything on the car will be covered with Clear Bra top to bottom.

$300 – $450


Area under the Fenders, Doors, and rear quarter panels on both sides, in front and behind the rear wheels.

$750 – $1000

Partial Front

Approximately 12-24″ up the hood, Approximately 8-10″ up the fenders, Side Mirrors, Headlights, Bumper.
All pricing is dependent on type of car, added or deleted accessories, trim packages, etc.  Please contact us for a quote.












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