Tesla Model X – Paint Correction and Modesta Coating

Previous client returned to us with his new Tesla Model X in a black metallic paintjob.  This color really looks amazing on this car, without all the swirls and scratches all over it.  Being just 1 month old, and having not really been driven, this one was a little rough when it came in.  No worries, we got this!

After a total of about 20 hours of compounding and polishing, we finally had a finish ready to be coated with Modesta BC04 to lock in the glassy depth and wetness.  Originally estimated about 10 hours of polishing, but without adjusting the compounds to something more aggressive (some spots wetsanded) we were not getting the results we , nor the client, wanted.  So, we made the judgement call to get the car looking proper with 3 solid steps of correction.

The starting condition here:

Claying process to remove bonded contaminants from the surface:

More paint condition at the start.  This was not an easy paint correction by any means:

Masked up and ready for correction to begin:

Over the next 20 or so hours, we returned the surface to a BETTER THAN NEW condition.  This is how all new cars should be delivered/sold:

After the final tidy up was completed, we took the car outside for some sun shots.  The metallic paint is dripping wet and the Modesta BC04 coating is giving it that final GLASSY look!  We have yet to find a better solution for a long term coating with amazing looks and durability.

Thanks for viewing, if you have any questions, please reach out by email or phone/text.

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