New Car Prep – 2018 BMW M4 – Tanzanite Blue

Another BMW was brought into our facility for our paint correction and Modesta coating treatment.  After researching for the highest quality work, this client drove from downtown LA to our facility in Orange, CA.  Not a short commute, but one that will be shown as well worth it for the best paint correction services, and top of the line MODESTA coating application.  Also, we fixed a damaged wheel, and removed a hard area dent in the rear quarter panel.

Getting things started, here are a few pictures of the starting condition.  Dirt, grime, brake dust, damaged wheel, dented quarter panel, swirls and scratches, and evidence of a cat doing a two step on the car (paw prints).

Our goals and Process for this car.

Remove swirl marks and lights scratches
Replace clear bra film to better looking film
Remove Dent from rear quarter panel
Refinish curbed wheel
Protect the car for the long term
Create an easy car care situation for the client

After laying down some tape on the hood, we started out test section to check the process we wanted to use.  We do this in order to figure out the most efficient way to remove the damage in the paint without over doing it, or under doing it and having to redo everything. Spot checking as we form the work is the norm. We do not have a “one-size fits all” method here.  Each car is different, each process is different.  Here you can see the 50/50 results from the untouched left side and the corrected right side.  The paint is glossier and more clear, deep looking, wet looking.

Before all the paint correction actually took place, we called out our dent guy to remove the dent.  Because the dent was in such a tough spot, a simple removal was not possible.  Because there was very little room for access to the backside of the dent, in fact, there was ZERO access from the underside, nor through the door jambs, nor gas tank area.  We do not automatically drill holes in panels to access a dent, we had to get creative and get things done more cleanly and effectively.  For this particular dent, we removed the back seat and side panels to gain access to the dent.  The benefit to taking the longer more time consuming route…no holes drilled, no paint damaged, and a clean PDR job.

Proceeding with the rest of the car paint correction and defect removal, we went with a three step correction over the next 15 hours.  Yes, 15 hours on a new car, but the end results are well worth it!

The stock rear impact PPF (aka stoneguard) looks horrible and very textured.  We always like to remove and replace the film with a higher quality film that is more clear and transparent.

Here are a few pictures of the BC04 coating being applied to the car body.  BC04 is solid protection for upwards of 10 years.  Inorganic and will not oxidize over time:

Modesta BC04

Modesta BC04 coating

Since we had the wheels off at this point, it was the perfect time to coat them.  Utilizing a mix of polishing, alcohol, and Modesta BC06 we were able to clean, polish, and protect these wheels for a long time to come.  BC06 is an inorganic coating that will ensure easy wheel cleaning for years to come!  Some wheels are harder to clean than others, but these BMW wheels usually take around 40 min to thoroughly clean.  However, with the Modesta BC06 coating on them, a pressure washer and the soap and water, we can cut the cleaning time to about 10 minutes.  What will you do with an additional 30 minutes of less car care time spent?

After all was said and done, we stood back and admired the end result.  In person, the look of the car was completely changed for the better, and the metallic flake in the paint really popped!  Being honest, this is one of my favorite BMW colors on the M3 and M4.

If you are looking for solid protection, amazing results, and a truly pleasant experience with paint correction and coating applications, feel free to reach out to us at any time to schedule your appointment!

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