Fire Orange BMW M3 New Car Prep

After installing a custom clear bra on his friends Ducati motorcycle, this client decided to bring us his newly purchased Fire Orange color BMW M3 for our track package ppf install plus carbon fiber roof protection and rear luggage strip install.

Total time spent: 30 hours

Wash, clay, decon
Clarity package Paint correction
Clear bra full front, rockers, roof, rear impacts, luggage strip, door cups
Modesta BC04 on the body, BC06 on the wheels

Here are the pictures along the way:

Clear bra install consisted of a modified bumper kit, and custom hood and fender and roof.  We have two options when doing custom: a blank sheet, or oversized pattern.  On some cars, its more resourceful to plot the fenders wider than standard.  This allows us to have the entire panel overhang just like a big sheet and go back and trim and put the film where we want it to go.  As you can see, the hood is one big piece and then trimmed accordingly.

At this point, the wheels were off so we made the decision to coat the wheels.  Given the complexity of these wheels, Modesta BC06 is the best option for keeping them clean!

Here in this picture, you can see just how thick the BC04 coating is.  This allows for the best and most durable protection you can get for your car.  Other coatings are thin and watery, this one is not by any means!

After all was said and done, we took the car outside and snapped some pictures.

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