Acura Nsx Paint Correction, Clear Bra, Modesta coating

Acura NSX by Envious Detailing

Car Stats:
Price ~165K — 0-60 in 3.1sec — 575 HP — 21MPG —Triple electric motor powered

The Process – 4 days
Wash, Clay, Decon
Paint correction
Full Body Clear Bra
Modesta Coating on body and wheels
Interior clean up

Drop off and prep:
This had been driven for approximately 4000 miles at time of drop off.  We ended up performing our total cleansing wash process in order to remove all dirt and grime from the body and jambs.
Emblems removed as well as license plates first thing.
Car at this point was washed and is now being clayed to remove bonded contaminant from the paint.

no emblems here
Emblems removed prior to paint correction
claybar NSX
Claying acura Nsx
Paint correction
Getting the car ready for paint correction

Paint Correction

Here we are assessing the paintwork for the damage to find out what paint correction will be needed to restore the gloss and luster from the paint.  (hard to capture the defects here, but the car was full of swirl marks and light scratches)

Carbon roof
NSX carbon Fiber roof
Acura NSX paint damage
straightline scratches and swirls in NSX paint
Paint correction
This needs to be corrected

Machine polishing for the Paint Correction stage

Paint polishing
NSX Paint correction
paint polishing on NSX
NSX paint correction

After the Paint correction is finished, we wash the car again and then proceed to prep the edges for clear bra install.  This includes an IPA cleaning after a hand polishing.  We want contaminant free paint so the clear bra sticks the best!

clear bra prep
Cleaning edges

Clear Bra

Here you can see a couple of the Clear Bra install processes.  On the hood piece, you can see the overhang for wrapping edges.  We trim our excess away and leave ourselves enough wrap to cover the edge and then trim away any extra excess once more.  This rear quarter, along with 90% of the car, receives a bulk film installation.  This allows us to tuck and hide seams better compared to a kit.  It takes longer, but looks better and covers more.  When we are utilizing a kit, we are allowed only so much coverage.

custom clear bra
Not a kit, custom trimmed
Clear bra NSX
custom clear bra install
clear bra nsx
Rear quarter custom clear bra

Modesta Coating

Modesta BC04 coating is applied to the whole body of the car.  This is the single best coating you can have applied today.  5-10 years of protection can be expected from the coating.  Extremely easy car care maintenance, easy washing, slick, durable, a candy like effect on the paint work…these are all the attributes of this coating.  Nothing looks as good, or protects as well as Modesta BC04.

Modesta BC04

Here is an example of BC04 being washed months after application:

Modesta BC06 install on the wheels
BC06 is an incredible wheel coating unlike anything else.  Its extreme heat resistance prohibits brake dust from embedding in to the clear coat.  The flat natural leveling of the coating creates a thin layer of glass on the wheels making them extremely easy to clean as dirt, grime, tar, brake dust cannot actually bond to the wheel.  Where wheels would normally take 15 minutes to clean, will now take just 2 quick minutes.

Final shots all wrapped up protected by Suntek Ultra Clear Bra and Modesta Coatings.  Interior was gone through and cleaned up as necessary to restore that like new smell and feel.  The carpets and seats were vacuumed and plastics, leather, and trim, were all cleaned and wiped with interior detailer.

NSX interior cleaned up
Clean interior Acura NSX

rear bumper acura NSX clear bra
Rear bumper clear bra after
NSX cleaned
Cleaned up NSX
NSX emblem
Acura NSX Emblem
BC06 wheel coating nsx
BC06 applied to NSX wheels

NSX final shots
NSX after shot
NSX full body clear bra
Acura NSX completed job
Acura NSX completed
clear bra, modesta coatings, paint correction

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