BMW M3 Ultimate New Car Prep

BMW M3 Ultimate New Car Prep

Presented by Envious Detailing

Initial contact came from an email stating the client was looking for the best his car could get in terms of paint correction, coating, clear bra, and tint.  Overall, he was looking for an effective solution to have the best looking, the best protection, and the easiest maintenance possible.  Initially, he thought about a paint correction, full front clear bra, rear quarters, and rear bumper, rockers, and roof.  Only thing missing was the doors and the trunk.  So what I proposed, while being more involved, was a full paint correction, full car clear bra, Modesta BC04 coating on the body, BC06 on the wheels, and Suntek Ceramic tint on the whole car.  Done deal, let’s get to work!

The Drop Off

Even though we went over things through email, at Envious Detailing we still like to go over the car together in person in order to iron out the details.  During the drop off, we went over the car and noticed typical dealership wash induced damage, a lack of gloss from the paintwork, some deeper scratches and scuffs that would have to be addressed prior to the clear bra installation.  Knowing we were going to perform our higher end paint correction services on the car, we knew we could take care of the car and get it looking as it should through multiple steps of polishing.  After all, this Sahkir Orange paint deserves to pop!  We talked about some problem areas, solutions and expected end results and confirmed that our email conversation was on point and that we agreed what was necessary to accomplish what was desired.

Hood needed about 10 deeper scratches filled and re-cleared, so we took it off and sent it on over to paint instead for a better end result compared to touch up paint.  Because the damage was isolated to the middle of the hood, there was no need to blend into the fenders.  Spot repair, spot paint, clear the whole panel keeps things uniform!  Results were amazing and highest quality!

BMW, modesta, clear bra, orange county

The Prep Stages

After pulling the car into the work space, we start out with removing the badges and side vents from the car.  After that we perform a thorough decontamination wash process in order to remove all the dirt and grime that was on the car.  The decon stage involves the wash, iron remover, clay treatment, and re-wash.  This gives us the best surface to begin the paint correction process. After all, we want the most bare surface possible in order to achieve the best correction possible!

Paint Correction

About 16 hours went into the correction of this particular car.  The gloss levels were restored, the clarity was outstanding (better than new).  Everything from the paint to the B-pillars was corrected for best gloss.  Unfortunately, this color did not photograph well inside the shop so we didn’t get many pictures of a before with all the imperfects and damage, but the damage was moderate that cleared up relatively well leaving behind great correction and amazing gloss.  (We are paint protection specialists, not professional photographers after all!)

Here is the starting condition of the paintwork:

Modesta BC06, wheel cleaning, orange county, OC, clear bra, coatings
Before cleaning and prep for BC06

Clear Bra

The PPF, or Clear bra,  or Paint protection film is where most of the protection will come from!  Door dings, rock chips, bird droppings, sap, impact damage is all stopped at the top of the clear bra instead of damaging the paintwork.  With the Suntek film being very clear and self healing, swirl marks are a thing of the past as well.  The clear film is 8mil thick, 4 times the thickness of the primer, paint, clear coat on the car currently.  No doubt, this is the best possible protection you can get for your car.

While a lot of shops will install a kit installation, we like to take it a step further with our installs and push the limits of the clear bra.  Emblems, badges, vents, side markers, gas tank lids, etc are all removed before the clear bra gets applied.  In some cases like Porsches, headlights are removed as well in order to get a cleaner look.  All edges are wrapped, all seams are hidden as best possible, corners are typically wrapped and capped when accessible, and the overall install is much cleaner looking.  We take pride knowing that our installs simply look better because we took our time with them!  After all, you are investing in a long term solution for your car, we aim to exceed expectations.

We extend all edges and wrap/capped all corners on this car for a truly unique fit and finish

Modesta Coating

Knowing this client wanted the best protection for the car, we opted for BC04 coating. The opulent, thick, wet, glassy, glossy look from BC04 is like no other!  It truly is industry leading.  (we know, we have tried countless others over the years, some with marketing hype, some with out).  Whether it’s on paint or clear bra, it stands out and looks amazing, not to mention works amazing.  What we mean by works amazing is the fact the BC04 is hydrophic and water scoots off the car with extreme ease.  Also, being inorganic, it will not oxidize or fade/discolor.  What this means for the clear bra on this particular car is that it will be protected by the BC04 for years to come!  In a sense, it will extend the life of the clear bra by keeping it clean and clear!

We removed the wheels, cleaned, coated and IR Lamp baked them for a long lasting solution to a common problem often over looked.  It takes almost as much time to detail the wheels as it does to clean the car.  Modesta BC06 is the perfect solution for minimizing the methods needed to keep the wheels looking fresh.  You can now simply use soap and water for your weekly or bi-weekly cleanings, and on the very occasional wash, use a good wheel cleaner like Sonax Full Effect.  When using a pressure washer, things get even easier as most of the grime is blasted off the wheel with one pass.  Talk about making things simple!
Modesta, BC04, coating, orange county, OC, socalmodesta bc06, oc, orange county, coating, luxury detailing, socal

Window Tint

While not wanting to go very dark in order to be able to see out of the windows at night, but wanting great heat rejection at the same time, we opted for Suntek ceramic tint in the 40% shade all around with 70% on the windshield.  By going with a ceramic film, we are able to obtain the heat and UV rejection the client wanted without having to go extremely dark with the tint.  The car looks better with the slightly darker windows, but the biggest benefit is now the client will still have great visibility while driving at night.  Best of both worlds!

Final Overlook

We look over every edge and seam to ensure that everything is down on the clear bra, all crevices are cleaned out and cleared of any compounds or polish residue, and we final wipe the car down with Modesta M1shot for additional protection of the car while the coating fully cures over the next couple of weeks.  Everything from the body to the glass to the interior gets looked over before it is let loose to the client!  It is worth it to us to take the time to do things properly the first time around saving everyone valuable time.

Utter shock and awe was the owner’s reaction to the car upon pick up.  Extremely glossy, incredible depth and clarity, and a better than new look was achieved.  A long term fix for an otherwise common problem was obtained by the clear bra and coating combination.  Exceeding expectations is what we strive to do…

Overall, this total job took roughly 40 total hours to complete.  The end result is something spectacular and we feel this is how all cars should be protected.  From head to toe, the easy maintenance and car care moving forward make this all worth it, not to mention how great the whole thing looks!

Key Features:
Full Body Suntek clear bra
Full paint correction
Modesta BC04
Modesta bc06
Suntek Ceramic Tint

Any questions, feel free to email us at or call/text to 7143565145

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