Why Modesta® Coatings Are The Best

At Envious Detailing in Orange, we take pride in our professional car detailing services. We provide a variety of car detailing services including paint protection film and paint correction services. Some of our paint protection services include clear bras for your car to protect from rock chips, scratches, and dings. Our clear bra installs include coverage such as full front, partial front, full car, rockers, and our exclusive track package. We are also proud to be the only Modesta® installation center in Orange County. Have you heard of Modesta? We specifically use this line of coatings because they provide the highest level of durability, the best protective qualities, and the most attractive finish. Today, we would like to discuss Modesta coatings further:

Why Modesta?

Hands down, it’s simply the best line of coatings out there. We have tried a variety of different lines of coatings, they simply don’t provide the results we’ve seen from Modesta.  The results from Modesta BC08 or Modesta BC04 are amazing gloss, great slickness, depth and wetness beyond anything else, and added thickness and more scratch resistance.  Whether its your daily driver or your weekend exotic super car, we have the solutions for you.

Modesta BC04

Combining both nano-grade titanium with their original Pure Liquid Glass coatings, this formula creates a deep gloss you will love. Applying this formula is both easier and safer because of its longer working time. A favorite for many car lovers, this formula creates a hard physical barrier on the surface of the paint, making it completely resistant to oxidation. Another benefit of this particular product is its increased scratch protection, which is always a perk.

Modesta BC08

With a quick application time, this formula is perfect for daily driven cars. Its 3D matrix provides superior water repellency and even self-cleaning capabilities. Your vehicle’s paint will be enhanced by the deep shine provided by the traces of zirconium in the product. Additionally, this thick coating protects your vehicle from scratches, dings, and other hazards from daily driving.

Modesta BC06

This hard glass coating is heatproof up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit, providing enough protection to protect your wheels from extremely hot brake dust. The most distinguishing characteristics of this coating include ease of cleaning as well as stain resistance. Your wheels are protected from dust and rain due to the thin silicone film in this formula. When you use his particular coating, cleaning your wheels will feel almost effortless.

Modesta PD

Using inorganic and organic technologies, this formula is considered the top-of-the-line Modesta product. Not only does it provide self-cleaning capabilities and excellent resistance, it also delivers an amazing, deep gloss coating that truly enhances your car’s paint finish.The resulting protective finish on your car is simply unparallelled due to its hard, thick inorganic base coat and super hydrophobic organic top coat. Both components combine to create a thick, durable protective shield on your car that is resistant to corrosion, oxidation, chemicals, mechanical damage, tar, and asphalt. The variety of Modesta coatings that we offer ensures that you receive the right coating for your lifestyle and budget. Our professional car detailers take the utmost care in applying Modesta coatings to provide the highest-quality results. If you are interested in our Modesta Coatings, contact Envious Detailing today.

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