When Do You Need Car Paint Correction Services?

Some of us were born supercar enthusiasts. You spend a significant amount of time in your youth watching James Bond movies, admiring the English spy’s Aston Martins, BMWs and other gadget-loaded high-performance, sleek vehicles. Ferrari and Porsche posters lined your bedroom walls, and at night you dreamed about driving alongside the Pacific Coast Highway in a gorgeous supercar. Obtaining your driver’s license was a huge milestone for you, but you still couldn’t get your hands on a high performance top-of-the-line sports car. As a teen and young adult, you might have been subjected to driving your mom’s station wagon or you bought a clunker that was in your price range at the time, which was as low as it could get. As you progressed through adulthood, you finally achieved success after years of hard work and climbing the ladder. You’ve finally purchased the car of your dreams, a high-performance beauty that drives like a dream.

Unfortunately, even luxury cars and supercars can come straight out of the factory with less-than-ideal paint finishes. Does your vehicle have a high number of tiny swirls or light scratches on its paint surface? Do you notice that your paint finish has a texture similar to an orange? Car factories do not always produce the highest-quality results when finishing the surface of the car, but our auto detailers in Orange can correct your paint to give your car a showroom-worthy sheen.

Car Paint Correction

If your car has light scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, a hazy paint finish, or a less-than-smooth texture, our paint correction surface could breathe life back into your paint finish. Our auto detailers offer three different packages for paint correction:

Gloss Enhancement

Gloss enhancement removes faint swirls, mild oxidation, and helps the paint finish appear deeper and glossier. We begin by decontaminating your paint surface, then we lightly polish and apply a protective finish to your vehicle. Additionally, we’ll clean the interior of your car to complete the process. This package is designed for daily drivers who desire a shinier finish on their car without going through a more intensive paint correction process.

Clarity Package

This package removes a majority of paint flaws and restores the sheen and depth of your car’s paint finish. Resulting in more attractive paint finish as well as a higher gloss, this package is also designed for daily drivers. You can expect about an 80 to 90 percent correction range in this package, with a dramatic improvement in your paint finish, but some defects will remain.

The Reset Package

Do you want to completely transform the paint finish of your vehicle? This might be the package for you because it eliminates all defects without over-thinning the paint. Following this service, your car paint finish will have the highest-gloss appearance available and all paint flaws will be eliminated. If you want your car paint finish to look better than new, then this is the package for you.

If you are interested in car paint correction in Orange, then contact Envious Detailing today. Our car detailers offer the highest-quality professional results so that you can drive your dream car with pride.

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