The Benefits Of A Clear Bra And Car Paint Protection Film

When you were a kid, your bedroom walls were covered in posters of Porsches, Ferraris, and other supercars. Before you could even drive, supercars seemed out of your league, always out of your reach. Years later, you finally obtained your driver’s license and most likely spent your teenage years driving your mom’s minivan or a used car purchased from the savings you scraped together from working a variety of part-time jobs. Today, you’ve worked hard for years trying to make a name for yourself, and your persistence has finally paid off. Finally, you have the means to purchase the car or your dreams, and she’s like your baby. You want only the best for your baby, right? Just like your own child, you want to protect her from the dangerous elements out there. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully you may drive, you simply cannot avoid environmental hazards that could damage the paint of your beloved car. Today, we would like to discuss some ways in which our car detailers can help protect your car from dings and scratches:

Clear Bra

If you’ve invested a significant amount of money purchasing the car of your dreams, a clear bra is a wise investment to protect the finish of your car. At Envious Detailing, we offer Suntek® clear bras. Also known as paint protection film (ppf), our high end car detailers apply a film to specified areas of the car that are most vulnerable to damage. Clear bras help provide impact protection from loose gravel, rocks, and debris that you encounter during your daily commute. We can cover specific areas of the car with car paint protection film or we can cover the entire car.

Clear Bra Coverage Options

We provide a variety of different coverages of paint protection film to suit your unique needs and your budget. Full Front Coverage includes the entire hood, full fenders, side mirrors, headlights, and bumper coverage of your car. The Rockers Package includes the area underneath the fenders, the doors, and the rear quarter panels on both sides of your vehicle, both in front and behind the back wheels. The Partial Front Coverage includes about 12 to 24 inches up the hood and about eight to ten inches up the fenders as well as the headlights, bumper, and side mirrors. The Track Package includes all of the coverage of the Full Front along with coverage of the rockers and rear impact areas. This package is perfect for anyone who regularly engages in aggressive track driving.

Modesta Coatings

We also offer Modesta® coatings in our Orange auto detailing shop because it provides the highest-quality finish along with the best durability out there. Modesta coatings last anywhere from two years to ten years, depending upon the type of coating you choose. Envious Detailing is the only Modesta installation center in Orange County.

Are you ready protect your investment with a clear bra? For the highest quality car paint protection film installation, contact Envious Detailing today. We apply painstaking attention to every inch of your car and every step in the process to provide you with the highest-quality auto detailing available in Orange.

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