Ultimate New Car Prep

When you just purchased your car, you probably thought to yourself “I wish I could keep it looking this way forever!”  At Envious Detailing, we can make that a reality!

We have the knowledge, expertise, experience, know-how to give your vehicle the proper aesthetic enhancements to take your car’s appearance to the next level, beyond brand new.  We are talking a deeper, richer, wetter look for years to come.  We are talking paint protection film, aka clear bra or ppf, on the whole car to essentially wrap the car in a plastic bubble to provide the vehicle with impact protection and environmental protection for many years to come.

Let’s look into what is really involved with the Envious Detailing Ultimate New Car Prep

Decon and Prep Stages:
Here we perform the base cleaning of the car.  Our goal here is to clean the car to get rid of any oils, grease, contaminants, etc from the surface of the paintwork, wheels, tires, glass, trim, chrome, and anything else on the exterior.  We perform this step by using a multitude of products such as car wash soaps, Iron removers, bug removers, tar remover, wheel cleaners, claybars, IPA alcohol.  There is not one single solution for everything, so it is important we have all the necessary tools at our disposal.

Stages of Decon:
Emblem, side vents, side marker removal
Wash / Iron remover
Clay bar treeatment
Cosmo-line removal
citrus cleaning of edges and grimy spots
Final IPA wipedown to help remove anything left over

Emblem removal audi
Emblem removal process
Clay bar detailing
Clay bar decontamination process

Prep stages for paint correction:
At this point, the car has been cleaned and is ready for the paint correction, but first, we have to tape off necessary areas sensitive to a machine polisher.  These areas include any edges that may be problematic, thin, or in complex areas (later to be polished with a smaller, more nimble polisher), any plastic or rubber trim we don’t want to get the polisher on, and painted trim pieces we arent ready to polish with the initial cutting stage.

paint correction and polishing
Taping off and protecting edges

Paint Correction stages:
With all the prep out of the way, its time to get to the beautification part of the whole process, the paint correction.  Now, depending on the condition and color and hardness of the paintwork at hand, our process will vary.  Factors that go into the correction process include soft or hardness of the paint, the color will indicate where we have to watch for the final end result, and the starting condition will indicate to us where we will start our testing of polish and pad combinations to achieve the best results.  For instance, an aggressive combo on soft paint will reek havoc on the paint causing more work than necessary.  However, too light of a combo on hard paint will not yield the proper correction needed wasting time having to go over and over the paint with the wrong polish/pad combo.

We generally start out with a moderate combination and adjust from there.  We have the experience of well over 2000 cars polished to understand the paint we are dealing with and can adjust to the needed pad or polish relatively quickly.  Of course, there are those times when nothing ordinary works as it should so we have to get creative.  In the end, we give the car the needed time required to produce outstanding results, usually in the 15 to 20+ hour range.

Paint Correction
Working the polisher
Paint correction
Before condition of paintwork
Paint correction
After Paint correction process

Prep stages for clear bra:
After the correction is completed, we then go backwards and re-wash the car and decon it with a citrus wash mix to wash away the polishing oils and dust.  We want a squeaky clean and clear surface for the upcoming clear bra installation.  We blow out all cracks and crevices with ample water and flush everything away as best as possible.  This is the only way to ensure the best clear bra install can be accomplished.

Clear Bra Installation:
There are two types of installs that we perform here at Envious Detailing, “custom” and “kit” depending on client desires.  Both serve the same purpose and satisfies the client needs just fine, however the custom install provides a cleaner look in the end.  The entire car, bumper to bumper, roof to rockers, gets covered with Clear bra / paint protection film.  While the kit install does ample coverage, some clients want an even cleaner install, so corners are wrapped over and everything is custom trimmed to fit cleaner and tighter.  A custom installation requires removing of all emblems and vents, grills, side markers, some trim pieces, mirrors, etc.  With that said, most kit installs suit clients needs just fine.  If you would like to see examples of a custom vs kit install, feel free to bring your car in and we can demonstrate the difference while going over your car together in person.

Films used are suntek ppfc, suntek ultra, Stek and Xpel Ultimate.  We have our preference being the suntek film as it is glossier and more optically clear, but some clients have their preferences based on past experience so we are willing to install whichever film is desired.

clear bra, ppf, clear film, paint protection film
bulk clear bra for custom installation
clear bra, PPF, paint protection film, clear film
After custom install of one piece trunk. The kit design is two pieces…

Coating Prep
After all the clear bra is applied, edges are dried and locked down, we wipe the car down and clean it up.  Again, we want the cleanest surface possible in order for the best bond of the coating to the clear bra.

Modesta coating application
When you want to single best coating available, Modesta BC04 is that answer.  There is no substitute for us.  This is a wet application with multiple steps to the process.  The coating on top of the clear bra adds additional protection for both the paint and the clear bra alike.  Being inorganic, the Modesta BC04 coating will not oxidize.  What this means is the coating last longer, therefor the clear bra will last longer as well.  The glass coating forms a solid layer of protection over the body of the car.  The long term benefits of the coating are glossier looks, easier cleaning, and overall environmental protection from the elements.  Nothing will look as good or protect as well as Modesta BC04.  After the installation of the paint coating is finished, the car moves to the IR heat lamp baking station in the shop to start the curing process from the inside out.

Wheel coating application
At this point, the wheels are removed and cleaned, coated with Modesta BC06, and IR lamp baked to accelerate the curing process.  BC06 has a heat rejection of over 1200 degree Celsius, enough to prohibit brake dust from bonding to the wheels.  Dirt and grime wash away with ease and wheels are literally capable of being air dried in seconds.  This makes you wheels much easier to wash, saving a lot of time and effort.

Suntek Window Tint
Whether its because you want the privacy, or because you want the heat rejection, Suntek Window Tint will have the solution you are looking into for your car.  Envious Detailing offers both Carbon series and Ceramic series film in order to give all available options.  From lighter shades of film providing amazing heat rejection, or darker shades of film inhibiting people from seeing what is inside easily, Ceramic tint and Carbon tint satisfies each and every time.  Choose whichever film you want in the Ultimate New Car Prep package.  This particular car received a 70% all around ceramic tint for heat and uv rejection without the need to go too dark with the window tint film.  All edges are shaved for a smoother look vs a computer cut pattern.

Final after shots’ of the Ultimate New Car Prep
The following shots are after the paint correction, full body clear bra, full car ceramic tint, and Modesta BC04 and BC06 coating were applied.  Total car protection is the goal with this package, all boxes were checked!

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