Modesta BC06 wheel coating application

People ask all the time, “What makes the Modesta BC06 wheel coating so amazing?”  Let’s dive into that one a bit…

Modesta BC06 is a spray-able coating designed to get into all the tight and tough crevices of your wheels and brake calipers.  The industry leading high temp resistance of 1300 degrees Celsius (yeah, that’s hot) prevents the hot metal brake dust from melting its way into your wheels.  Dirt and grime fall off the wheels with ease, and cleaning becomes the easiest   Talk about a time saver, especially if you have intricate wheels with many spokes and grooves.

Intricate wheels need modesta BC06

Here is the Modesta BC06 application process

After the Modesta BC06 is sprayed, we then move them over to the IR heat lamp Baking process.  The accelerates the curing process and gives a harder cure from the inside out.

Modesta BC06
IR heat lamp baking
Modesta BC06 curing
IR heat lamp baking

The end result is simplified car care, extremely easy wheel cleaning.

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