A Closer Look At Modesta® Coatings

Envious Detailing has been serving the Orange County region for many years now, and one thing that we have grown to understand over our years in business is that at the end of the day, there is nothing like exceptional customer service and the highest standards of products used. Having one without the other is fine, but not ideal. You could get a professional car detailing service done by one of the other guys, but you aren’t likely to encounter the blend of service and quality that we provide here at Envious Detailing.

As part of our commitment to using the highest quality products in our auto detailing and paint protection services, we are proud to offer Modesta® Coatings. The fact of the matter is that nothing on the market protects your car’s paint quite as well as a coating from Modesta®. Today’s post is going to take a deeper look into the specific formulas we offer, and what you can expect to receive from each. Read on if you are interested in a glass coating kind of paint protection that is recognized by many as a true difference maker within the industry.

Modesta BC04

One of our most recent formulas of Modesta® coatings, the BC04 blends the strengths of the original Pure Liquid Glass with a high quality nano-grade titanium. This creates a deeper shine and is also completely resistant to oxidation. You can expect the BC04 to last you ten years.

Modesta BC08

Ideal for the daily driven car, this glass coating formula has a three-dimensional matrix that ensures water repellency and self-cleaning capabilities. The BC08 has a barrier which will protect the finish of the vehicle from common wear and tear.

Modesta BC06

This Modesta® coating will provide a long-surface protection. The strengths of paint protection film include stain resistance and ease of cleaning. You will find that cleaning your wheels has never been easier once you have applied the BC06.

Modesta PD

This is as good as it gets right here. PD Private Label offers unbelievable shine, protection, and resistance with self-cleaning properties. The PD has a thick inorganic basecoat for a protective foundation, in addition to a hydrophobic organic top coat which helps protect and shine.

You may find it interesting that Envious Detailing is the only installation center in Orange County with Modesta® products. If another company in Orange County, CA is claiming that they carry this elite brand of paint protection film, they aren’t to be trusted. Believe us because we have put many other brands to the test and there is no comparison. Modesta recognizes our level of commitment to ensuring only quality end results, therefore granting Envious Detailing the sole rights to Modesta in OC.

If you are looking for the highest quality car paint correction in Orange County, the choice is simple. Not only do we provide the best products and expertise in our field, but we want to make your life better simply by interacting with you. We are all about treating each customer as if they were our first. If you are interesting in finding a car detailer in the OC, it’s just gotta be Envious Detailing.

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