New Car Prep

You have just purchased a new car and need a new car prep done to it in order to get it protected from the start.  Well, you have come to the right place with Envious Detailing.  New cars are the perfect time to get the paint polished, perfected, and protected.  We do our own paint correction, coatings, and clear bra installations where quality is the utmost importance.

Reason for a Clear Bra
-protection against rock chips and bumper scrapes
-save yourself from repainting the car
-save resale value in the car

Reason for Window Tint:
-Keeps interior cooler
-Uv protection to keep interior from fading
-Dark to light tints available for law compliance
-Skin cancer approved

Reason for Modesta Paint Coating
-Unmatched protection against harmful uv rays
-Highest gloss available
-Durable scratch resistance layer of protection
-Hydrophobic properties to reduce water buildup
-Car stays cleaner longer
-2+ year duarability, no need to wax

Reasons for Paint Correction
-Restore high gloss and depth in the paint
-Remove paint defects such as water spotting, swirl marks, holograms, bonded contaminants
-Give the car a better than new appearance
-Restore slickness to the paint

You see, a new car is the perfect time to start off with proper care and maintenance.  A clear bra will provide the impact protection from rocks and road debris, while a coating from modesta will protect everything from environmental factors such as wash induced marring, light scratches, water spotting, etching etc.  A new car prep from Envious Detailing will take your car from a new car to a better than new car in just a couple of days!

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